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no other place like alaska

The Types of Fish you will catch on your Alaska Fishing and Float Trip
Return home with the fondest of all Alaska fly fishing memories. There are rivers here in our part of Alaska where the fish die of old age having never seen a fly, we will take you there!


Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing

Rainbow Trout in the Iliamna region naturally grow to 18 pounds or larger. Rainbows are caught June through September. However, due to the return of millions of sockeye in the month of July, the most productive rainbow fishing is in the months of June, August, and September. We are located in the Bristol Bay, Lake Iliamna region and access many of the famed rivers in the area such as the  Copper River which was just rated in the top 50 best trout streams in the world by Trout Unlimited.

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Arctic Grayling Fly fishing

Grayling are God’s gift to light tackle fanatics. They are thick in many of our streams and will attack a fly all season long even in the worst of weather. Most grayling average 10 to 14 inches with trophies measuring 21 inches. Their good reputation comes from their susceptibility to dry flies and the gracefulness in which they take them.


arctic char fly fishing

Char are commonly associated with the Dolly Varden since they are biologically the same. They average 3 to 5 pounds with the largest of the fish tipping the scales at 15 pounds. Available season long, they are a very hard fighter for its size and one of the most beautiful fish that we have in the State.


Pacific Salmon

What a sight to see! You can enjoy five different species of Pacific Salmon here in Alaska:

  1. Chinook (King) Salmon
  2. Sockeye (Red) Salmon
  3. Chum (Dog) Salmon
  4. Pink (Humpy) Salmon
  5. Silver (Coho) Salmon

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Northern Pike Fly Fishing

Northerns are the freshwater alligators of Alaska. Their strike is vicious, they are usually big and they will hit anything the moves! Pike are usually caught in the 25 to 40-inch class range. Pike can be found in many backwater sloughs and small lakes.  Available all season.

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Lake Trout Fly Fishing

This is Alaska’s largest freshwater fish, inhabiting large, deep, cold lakes with the best fishing just after ice-out. Lake Trout are not usually a target species for us but a welcome surprise when we do land one of these larger fish. We catch the majority of our “Lakers” in the outlets and inlets of the lakes where we start or end our floats.